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Santa Cruz Criminal Lawyer Michael Rehm handles all criminal defense matters throughout Santa Cruz County.  All criminal matters in Santa Cruz are heard at the courthouse in Santa Cruz, not the Watsonville location.  Every criminal case is unique. There can be more flexibility in negotiating criminal case as opposed to DUI matters.  Many of the mandatory penalties that are proscribed by the legislature in regards to DUI matters are not there in certain criminal cases. Collateral consequences become much more relevant. Examples of collateral consequences that need to be analyzed in any criminal case are:

(1)    Immigration consequences

(2)    Professional License Issues: doctors, lawyers, nurses, etc.

(3)    Child Protective Services actions.

Obviously the largest consequences that come from criminal cases are concerns of a criminal record and potentially serious incarceration time.  A strong, aggressive defense is a must.  Contact Santa Cruz Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Rehm at (831) 431-0986 to discuss your matter and determine what defense is the strongest for your case.


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