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Santa Cruz County Traffic Attorney Michael Rehm provides representation on traffic citations throughout Santa Cruz County.  The general public has a tendency to trivialize the consequences a traffic citation conviction can bring. Certain traffic citations are misdemeanors, that can come with a criminal record, community service and probation.  Generally the misdemeanor violations are also 2 point offenses.  If you are facing a misdemeanor traffic citation, at a minimum you should receive a free consultation with an attorney to better understand the consequences.  Depending on your income, you are also potentially eligible for a public defender on misdemeanor citations.  Common misdemeanor citations include:

  • Vehicle Code 14601.1
  • Vehicle Code 14601.2
  • Vehicle Code 12500

Other traffic citations are simply infractions, but consequences can still result. These include points, increased insurance premiums, and potential negligent operator status by the California DMV.  There are strategies for attacking these cases.  If you are facing a misdemeanor citation, a moving violation, or have been designated a Negligent Operator by the DMV and need representation at the DMV hearing, contact Santa Cruz DMV Lawyer Michael Rehm for a free, confidential consultation at (831) 431-0986.

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