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Posted by DUI Attorney Michael RehmJul 25, 20140 Comments

DUI with Accident & Hit and Run:  Hit and Run charge dismissed, client pled no contest to Vehicle Code 23152(b), for 19 days ankle monitoring.   Blood alcohol level was a .12.  Santa Cruz notoriously takes a hard stance on any DUI charge that involves any type of accident. This particular case involved a rather serious automobile accident, but with no injuries. Even on minor accidents with no injuries, the District Attorney office has a policy of taking a firm stance.   This particular case took several court dates, extensive investigation, and cross -examination of the main witness at the DMV hearing prior to the court date. The ability to cross examine witness's in advance of court is another reason why setting up the DMV hearing within 10 days is so crucial, and why the DMV hearing is essential to an effective defense in DUI cases in California.

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