New Restricted License Law for 1st Offenders in Santa Cruz County

Posted by DUI Attorney Michael RehmJan 01, 20200 Comments

Starting January 1, 2019, a new law dealing with restricted licenses for those convicted of a DUI has been put into place. Previously, if you were a 1st offender in Santa Cruz County, and you were convicted of driving under the influence, you were eligible for a restricted license only after initially suffering a 30 day hard license suspension. After this point, you could apply for a restricted license for employment purposes and to and from the DUI school.

Now, if you have been convicted of a 1st Offense DUI in Santa Cruz County, or any county in California, you are eligible for a restricted license right away, you do not have to wait 30 days. You also now have your choice of obtaining one of two restricted licenses. The first, is for 6 months and you must get a breathalyzer (ignition interlock device) installed in the vehicle. If you get the breathalyzer installed, you can drive wherever you want. The second restricted license option does not contain the breathalyzer requirement, but it is for 12 months, as opposed to 6, and you are limited as to where you can drive, specifically to, from and during work, and to and from the DUI school. That's it.

Santa Cruz DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm generally recommends the restricted license for 6 months, it allows you to drive wherever you want and it is for half the time. For more information on this and other DUI issues, call (831) 431-0986 for a free, confidential consultation anytime.